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Kafka and Football: KSQL, Google Natural Language APIs, BigQuery and DataStudio

If you missed it, yesterday I wrote a guest blog post for Confluent! The blog post mixes two of my favorite topics: Apache Kafka and Football! The post starts by defining the data ingestion from Twitter and sport news RSS feeds via Kafka Connect, continues with the definition of a KSQL UDF Function using Google Natural Language APIs for Sentiment Analysis. Then it's time to define the data sink to Google Big Query and the data visualization with Google Data Studio.

The last bit of the post is dedicated to data analysis with both KSQL and DataStudio on top of the quarterfinal match won by England against Norway. If you are interested in the full article, check it out here!

Oracle Analytics Summit 2019

Last week I attended the Oracle Analytics Summit at Skywalker Ranch. The event was live-streamed on Facebook and widely Tweeted, so a fair number of people may be up to speed with the announcements, I’ll summarise what I thought the key points were.

The purpose of the event, I think, was to relaunch/re-energise Oracle’s analytics products and services, make some specific announcements, and to try and better engage customers and analysts.

I think a lot of this stems from T. K. Anand taking over last summer and the changes in the team and direction he is looking to make. He was the first speaker at talked of openness and simplicity.

New Product Line

First, he announced a rationalisation of the product line with three offerings:

  • OAC (Oracle Analytics Cloud) - this is OAC on the second generation OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), with a simpler pricing model, details below.
  • OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) - this is a feature parity version of OAC available on premise.
  • OAA (Oracle Analytics Applications) - this is a new ‘BI Apps’ product for Oracle’s SaaS offerings such as ERP Cloud and HCM Cloud, more details below.

New Pricing

Second, he announced new pricing for OAC:

  • $20/month for Professional Edition
  • $2,000/month per OCPU for Enterprise Edition


Image from Doug Henschen

This also streamlined the different versions of OAC. Professional is essentially DV (Data Visualisation), and Enterprise is OBIEE and DV. I am not sure what this means for the existing Data Lake edition, however, I believe Essbase is being moved to a separate PaaS service.

I believe this also means that in the future if you are an on-premise OAS customer with the Enterprise Edition, then DV will be included in the price.

At the time of writing this, I’m not sure of the minimum number of users for the Professional Edition, however, given the price point, it looks like Oracle are targeting Power BI, Tableau etc., so I would expect a low number.

The Future of BI Apps

BI Apps has risen from the flames, and I believe there are now a couple of options:

  1. The existing ODI ‘version’ of BI Apps is being updated to support ODI 12c, OBIEE 12c/OAC and ADW. This means whether you have your application reporting on-premise or in the cloud, there is an upgrade path for the traditional BI Apps components, plus, due to the support of ADW, you will be able to migrate an existing on-premise system to Oracle’s cloud. Independent of anything that happens to DIPC, ODI will be supported on Oracle’s IaaS.
  2. There is a new cloud-only version of packaged applications, see OAA above. These provide a managed data pipeline between the SaaS application and an instance of ADW. Information is surfaced through what looks like DV, with some extended capabilities, allowing KPIs to be defined and these KPIs to arranged as a series of Tiles on a dashboard, not unlike the look of the Day by Day app.

Customer Commitment

One clear objective is more interaction and integration with customers, and to this end Oracle is increasing the number of people in support, there is more online content available, such as their Udemy channel and they are also creating something called the Idea Lab for the analytics community, where users can make suggestions and interact with the Product Managers.


I felt throughout the event that Oracle are aware of their shortcomings in the past and are committed to listening to customers, giving them a better experience and putting them more at the centre of their world.

The product line and pricing changes act as proof that they are committed to acting on this; it’s not just lip service. Through the pricing of the Professional Edition, I think you can also see Oracle going for the departmental or shadow IT world of data exploration and visualisation.

One customer commented at the end of the event that no one tried to sell him anything, that, if anything, is a good indicator for change.

Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud (EDMCS) – Essential Data Foundation for the Office of …

Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud (EDMCS) - What's New?

Review the presentation for "What's New" and Step by step instructions on how to Register Financials Cloud Application and Import segment value sets and trees from Oracle Financials Cloud GL.

Thank you to Rahul Kamath, Product Management, for providing the information on this topic.

What's New?

18.10: Oracle Financials Cloud Application Adapter

  • App registration, import and export:
    • Financial Cloud Segment/Value Set
    • Financial Cloud Tree / Tree Version
    • Tree Structure: GL_ACCT_FLEX
  • Supported tree configurations options:
    • Multiple active tree versions within a tree
    • Multiple root nodes within trees
  • Out-of-the-box business rules:
    • Segment property validations
    • Tree validations
  • File-based imports by dimension
  • File or connection-based exports by dimension
    • Connection posts to UCM account: fin/generalLedger/import
    • Run Import Segment Values and Hierarchies (WS, ESS, etc.).


Refer to the links below for more information:

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) 5.3 and Data Visualization Desktop 5.3 is Released

We are pleased to announce availability of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) 5.3 release and Data Visualization Desktop 5.3
  For information related to this release, please refer to the following:

Please be advised of the following name changes made to some PaaS Services:

  • Be advised that as of January 2019, some PaaS Services are undergoing name changes. The updated Service name will be reflected in My Oracle Support (MOS) SRs and KM documents.
  • Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud and Oracle Analytics Cloud Service have been renamed in January 2019.
  • For more information, refer to ANNOUNCEMENT: Name Change for PaaS Services During January 2019

Rittman Mead at Kscope 2019

Rittman Mead at Kscope 2019

June is time for one of my favourite conferences: Kscope! This year the location is Seattle and the Agenda is impressive. The event starts on Sunday with the Symposiums driven by Oracle Product Managers and divided by stream of interest.

The main conference is Monday-Wednesday with the Thursday dedicated to Deep Dive sessions. On Tuesday morning the Analytics track attention will be shifted to Skywalker Ranch for live-stream of the Oracle Analytics Summit!

I'll be representing Rittman Mead with two talks: One about "Become an Equilibrista: Find the Right Balance in the Analytics Tech Ecosystem" (Jun 24, 2019 03:45 PM - 04:45 PM, Room 3B, Level 3) discussing how to make self-service and centralized Analytics coexist successfully thus avoiding the "Excel Hell".

Rittman Mead at Kscope 2019

The second session is about two topics I love: Machine Learning and Wine! The "Is It Corked? Wine Machine Learning Predictions with OAC" (Jun 25, 2019 03:45 PM - 04:45 PM, Room 3B, Level 3) will show the details on how Oracle Analytics Cloud democratizes data science using a Wine Dataset as example. During the session we'll explore how OAC provides an easy and visual interface to Machine Learning and how a predictive model can be built, tested and evaluated within the same platform.

Rittman Mead at Kscope 2019

If you'll be at Kscope 2019 and you see me around, don't hesitate to stop me! I’d be pleased to speak with you about Wine, Food, Coffee, and Analytics of course!